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Oakwood Tennis Club

Club Improvements Programme:  

Step 1 in our planned improvements programme was completed in 2015 ; our new pathway and paved spectator area.  Our thanks to all the members who gave up their time to get the club improvements underway.  Our special thanks to Conway and their apprenticeship scheme for their extremely kind donation of materials and labour to provide this stunning work that kicked of our improvement programme!!

Cathie Sabin Visit to Oakwood

8th November 2015

Oakwood were glad to host a visit by the LTA president Cathie Sabin recently who stated that "clubs like Oakwood are the base and heart of British tennis". Thanks for visiting Cathie!

Club Improvements Programme:  

Step 2 in our planned improvements programme has just been completed in Early 2017. Again thanks to the members and helpers who gave up their time and also one of our members’ companies’ who provided a grant of £1000 for club improvements that we used to purchase a new large glazed door for the clubhouse. This improvement to the clubhouse facility provides greater access and enhanced natural light into the space. It also provides an enhanced spectator experience especially on colder days when indoor viewing is the preferred choice!

Next Steps:  New courts

Our funding initiatives are gathering pace and in early 2017 we have secured a large chunk of funding towards our new courts construction. Watch this space………

Club Improvements Programme:  

Step 3 in our planned improvements programme is currently underway; the construction of 2 new full sized courts and 1 practice court on the fallow land behind the exiting courts. Work commenced in December 2017 and is nearing completion to be ready for the spring of 2018